My life filled with fluffy chinchillas

Saw my super outdated blog that i have few years back therefore decided to create a new one to note down things that i wants to remember as i have poor memory.

I am a crazy chinchilla lover, i have a handful of them at home.
They are like my happy pills, when i am down, i walk into their room, just sitting down looking at them makes me feel better.
Love every single one of them, with different character, different fur texture, different size.

Can follow them in instagram at swissrollchinchilla

This is Muffin, she is fine with me touching her head, but not body.
At night she always sneakily walks out of her cage when her cage is open and when i am not paying attention.


My boy, Puffy. Always runs away when you try to touch him, very shy boy with very cute puppy eye look. He is a Royal Persian Angora.


She is Pancake,very defensive chinchilla, not sure if the pet shop staff traumatise her before. She shoot pee when she is frightened, otherwise she will wait at the door for you to give her some neck rub and head rub, very loveable.


He is another loveable boy, Oreo. When you carry him, he will lean his head on your arm for a little while, when you cleaning his cage, he will be jumping around excitedly. He have a little dot at the back.


To be continued..


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